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May 9, 2017
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The final cycle before Christmas of 82 I was having the time of my life at Ft Dix. There always seems to be one that can get away with sneaky things. We had a guy sneak out one night to the PX and buy us some pogie bait. Some of it being adult beverages!We took cattle trucks the next day out to a range to learn map reading. For some reason they didn't arrive to take us back like they were supposed to. So the decision was made to do some PT.

I had a bag of M&M' s in my cargo pocket. I had torn the corner off so I had to force one to come out of the package! Little did I know that the candy had found an escape route while I was doing situps! I didn't know this! But DS B did as he stood by my feet! DS S was at the front of the formation.DS B said, "Hey Joe! T is over here shitting M&M's!" He said, "Boy, when we get back, pack all your shit and come see me!"I didn't get anymore candy or it was never questioned where it came from!

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