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May 11, 2017
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May 2000 relaxin Jackson, stop reading. Had a guy in our platoon who was "that guy", always cocky, loud, big talker when DS wasn't around. He sucked at BRM, marching, all around terrible soldier.We had a surprise inspection because of contraband found in other platoon's ceiling, which was a discman, Google that if you are confused... The DS came to Pvt. Cocky's locker, dug through it and found Ranger Tab stickers that he was able to smuggle from the PX.This mofo was swarmed by every DS in the area, all screaming in his face while he's doing push ups. He was crying, pleading with DS, telling him he wasn't going to pretend to be a Ranger. All I could think was f**kem, he deserves it.Not a big story, but we all had that f**cker that talked huge game, wouldn't shut the f**k up at lights out, and got his in the end.....Read more Basic Training Stories here.

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