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May 12, 2017
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So it was probably 4th week into basic and I had CQ from 0200-0300 and it was me and my battle just sitting there quietly while we could hear the tv in the CQ office. DS H came out and started shooting the shit with us. Out of no where he said, "shut up pvt!"And he looked out the door, which was a glass door that you could see out to the PT field. He then asked if we could see the deer out there and we responded "Yes DS!"Then he said again "shut up pvts! Your gonna scare him."

So he turned around and walked back into the CQ office. We just sat there looking out as the deer slowly walked away. Out of no where DS H comes out with a fucking Cross Bow! Pvt A and I just look at each other like wtf.Then he says "you Pvts didn't see anything! And if you do, you will wish you were this buck Ima about to take out. If I'm not back before your CQ is over tell the next guys not to fuck up or I'll have their asses too!"Well DS H never returned and we told the next guys not to fuck up but didn't say why. Never asked DS H if he got the buck, didn't want to. But now I wish I asked. From then on i just pictured DS H as a badass redneck who keeps a fucking crossbow with him.

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