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May 22, 2017
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It was April 2016 in Fort Jackson. Yeah, yeah I've heard it: We had it too easy, our smoke sessions were garbage, basic is a joke now but punishments is not what this story is about. The story is about Private C, or Keefer as some of DS called him. He showed up fat and clueless but family day arrived and he lost a lot of weight. He and I were excited to finally get to see our families.But first came the roasting of our DS.We were all ushered into the bn classroom. Awards were handed out, lots of talking but then it was about to start when SDS G, a 6 1/2 foot giant infantry ds that could kill you by just glaring at you entered the room and asked for Keefer. He got up and was about to approach said SDS when SDS G just said "Are you related to a Mr.C?""Yes SDS, he's my father"

"Well he's been caught skulking around the company and got arrested this morning. Looks like you'll be spending family day without him".With that the SDS left the room while all color drained from Keefers face. It got very quiet, I mean not even heavy breathing quiet. I sat close to Keefer so I tried to comfort him as the DS roasting commenced. Then we got our phones and were forming up ready to march to Hilton Field. His face still pale we arrived behind the trees ready to start. Keefer asked around for phones trying to reach his dad but he didnt pick up and the last time it went straight to voicemail.Finally the ceremony started.Still pale he and everyone else marched through the field and listened to the ceremony. Then the families left the bleachers. A look of disappointment when he saw a man who shouted his name spotted him amongst the crowd of families and soldiers. It was his dad. Keefer was overjoyed.Turns out his dad did kinda skulk around the company but just asked for directions to Hilton Field and the DS's took it to prank Keefer. Needless to say we all graduated and will never forget the day Keefer got horribly pranked by the DS's.

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