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Basic Training Story 4740

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May 23, 2017
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Coming out of the barracks for morning formation I looked up at a crystal clear sky full of brilliant stars. I was lost in the beauty when my DS yelling broke my peaceful trance "Private! Why are you not double timing!?" Uh oh....I quickly answered"Its such a beautiful morning DS I thought I'd enjoy it".There were a couple giggles from some of the other females until my DS told me to drop and count out 20 push ups. I did but when I asked if I could assume my position he asked "Private! Do you still think it's a beautiful morning!?"

Stupidly I replied "Yes DS, I do!"so he told me to knock out another 20.When I asked to resume my position he asked me the same question and I heard a couple people complain we were missing chow so I reluctantly told him "No DS I do not!" That man made me a Drill Corporal after basic and I've never had a more rewarding experience.Much respect Drill Sargent! Go Army

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