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May 25, 2017
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It was the first few days of basic and we all were adjusting to long hours with little sleep. DS C was our primary platoon DS. Huge guy, combat vet, sapper. He'd told us that if we continued to drink water staying awake would be easier. We listened, and as a result latrine runs during class were commonly requested.One day, DS C was teaching us when the third group within 5 minutes left for the latrine. He stops teaching and has the other DS in the room take over. DS C begins picking up different ropes sitting on a table, putting them against the wall, and setting them back down.

Finally, he finds one that very closely matches the color of the walls. He walks out into the hallway without a word, and we begin hearing what sounds like knots being tied. After a while, it stops. Then we hear in the hallway "HURRY THE FUCK UP PRIVATES BEFORE I BURN YOUR ASS UP!!!"We hear running getting closer, followed by a loud gagging sound as the running private clotheslined himself on the perfectly blended in line DS C created with that rope, then fell flat on his back.DS C leans over inches from the disoriented private's face "Private..don't touch my fucking rope"

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