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May 30, 2017
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One faithful day during ftx three, i was chosen to do kp with a couple fellow solders. the ds that drove us was a bit on the loony side so we were already in a shit storm of an adventure. On our way back to the field ( a patrol base had already been set up ) our ds look at us three soldiers and said we are now a black hawk.Being the privates we are didn't have much choice to argue with that statement so we agreed.

We passed the main gate guard witch is being guarded by 1st platoon, my ds is yelling out the window saying " get the fuck out of the way we are coming in hot".We pull in to the patrol base going about 30 mph on a dirt road, rips the e brake and yells "get the fuck out!".The mother fucker made us repel out of a van and combat roll when we hit the ground. We pulled security as he pulled away making helicopter noises hanging half way out of the mirror.long story short i got a crash course in air assault school.

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