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June 2, 2017
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I guess we should've seen it coming. We were entering blue phase and the ds told us all about the COC ( confidence obstacle course) we went through the safety brief and all the fun stuff. As pvt's we just wanted to get it over with and graduate.We rucked to the COC and the first obstacle are those table things you have to climb that are about 50-60 feet and the da assigned to that course was a barbaric man, just laughed at pain and kicked babies as a side job. Before my platoon goes to attempt this team bonding exercise he give us the guidelines stating one rule in particular "three points of contact at all times and don't drop anyone".Too easy, well not for all of us.We climb and get to about the second table going to the third when you hear a sharp scream followed by a loud thud, a few seconds of silence and you hear ds voice "that was fucking Awesome!!"While all of our battles are trying to help this girl with a broken face you can hear the sinster laughing from the ds. Moral of the story...maintain three points of contact. Favorite ds ever!

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