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June 6, 2017
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It was Monday morning in basic which meant another PT test. but it wasn't a regular Monday because the day before my bunk mate and his friends got busted the day before playing their own paper made dungeons and dragons the SDS at the time comes out while in the middle of others doing a PT test and says, "I have caught privates in a fight club. I've even busted privates fucking. but I have never busted a dungeons and dragons club. now I'm going to quote and paraphrase the Bible. as a boy I played as a child thought as a child and pretended as a child. then I became a man and put away dungeons and dragons and tried to get my dick sucked".while one of the kids busted in the D&D club was sucking on his push ups the same DS came up and said "PVT R! quick use your level 10 wizard to knock out these push ups!".everyone busted out with laughter and got put in the front leaning rest it was a good time

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