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Beyond Boot Camp: Forging Stronger Soldiers

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June 8, 2017
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So end of the cycle, last FTX at FLW. C 3-10 company had been out there for a few days. We had gone from training classes, to team building (when the females and males were forbidden to even SPEAK to one another... makes sense right?), to having DS P walk in the door beside my sleeping bag and unload an entire chain of friggin blanks shooting hot ass brass all over my face and back at 3am, and even some fun shit like zip lining.Next to last day, after evening chow, we all got called to formation. DS P put us in our platoon formations according to what side of the FOB he had assigned us to guard. Then it was suicide runs, M16s in hand, to the edge of the fence, and back, and then back to the fence, and back to the middle again. After about 6 times, my entire platoon was dragging ass cause we had the longest distance to run than anyone else. Hell by the time he would call us back, we hadn't even made it TO the damn fence.So when we all came back, last to form up of course, looking like scalded dogs, he switched up the rotation and put us on the shortest side. Well, we got sent out one last time and left to stay there.. all night.Why?Because 3 males had stolen a friggin MRE, 2 from his platoon and 1 from mine. Oh, and the 4th re-re was something special. He was a sick-call ranger and had been going almost every other day, getting smokes off the AIT soldiers and staying outside most of the day cause he thought it was better than doing wtf he signed his contract for. Well that dumbass had stolen DS P's fucking cigarettes! So yeah, we see where this is going now right?While the rest of us were pulling guard duty... aka I was passed out for about 4hrs, rifle buttstock shoved under one of my crossed legs and barrel used as a prop for my head in tall ass grass where I couldn't be seen... these 4 nimrods were standing at attention for 10 straight hours. They were still standing there, in the center of the FOB, when the sun came up.Further punishment: The one from my platoon got cycled back to week 0. The 2 from DS P's platoon got cycled back to week 6. The fucktard sick-call ranger got dishonorably discharged... out of basic. 2 weeks later we graduated, and then 3 more females got recycled back to weeks 3 and 6 cause they were out off post in civis or came back with makeup on their faces like idiots. On graduation day.Next day was AIT shipout. Smh... people are stupid.

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