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Basic Training Chronicles: Trials and Triumphs

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June 8, 2017
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It was the middle of the night, at basic, in 2003. We all had rotations on CQ in the office doing mundane stuff. Four of us female soldiers and two DS's were getting files ready for graduation. One of the female soldiers thought she was above the rest of us. I guess she was under the assumption that her looks would get her somewhere. I, on the other hand, had no problem acting like a soldier and keeping my mouth shut.So here she is, standing at "parade pretty" getting ready to open her mouth. She says, "ummm.. DS, you know what would better than this?"He replies, "a fuck load of many things, but what were you thinking?"I was already flabbergasted that he even entertained the idea.She goes on,"if we were to take one of the company trucks to town and get a break from all of this."DS says, "oh yeah. And we could blast the music? And roll the windows down and just let loose!"

She says, "could we do that? Are you serious DS?"He goes, "yeah! Let me just grab my keys! Grab your battle. Meet me at the CTA."The other DS ushers us outside as well. I already knew at that point we were fucked and she was by far the dumbest PVT in history.PVT dumb chick is jumping up and down with excitement. The other three of us females are much more skeptical. Then, it happens. DS starts spouting off, "sorry, the trucks not available. We'll have to improvise. He orders PVT dumb chick and her battle to get in the wheel barrow position and walk each other around the CTA."I don't hear music!!!" Yells the DS. I thought you wanted to listen to music?!" She starts singing an older song. He yells, "something with more pizazz! I can't hear you!"Luckily, the punishment for my battle and I was much easier; Stand at the corners of the CTA and act like stop lights. But shit, that was genius! They were so tired by the time the last of our CQ was up! And those two DS could not stop laughing!

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