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Bottle Rocket in Mouth: For Science!

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April 6, 2017
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Editor's Note: American Grit does not endorse this kind of stupidity. Seriously, don't try these stunts at home. But feel free to laugh at those that do.We've covered some crazy stunts in the past. First was that guy that shot himself in the face. Then there was that guy that decided to strap firecrackers to his bare chest and back and light them. Truly, humanity's ability to stay around as a species never ceases to amaze.In our latest coverage of potential Darwin Award hopefuls, we have this gentleman, who thought he'd test out the durability of the sunglasses his company was selling by shooting a bottle rocket out of his mouth. Go big or go home, right? apparently, this isn't his first go-around, either. He also decided to get shot in the face point-blank with an 80-pound crossbow. Directly into the eye. You know, for funsies. (The fun really starts at 8:30)

streetwear sane person puts their life on the line for a pair of glasses. Just saying.Oh, it gets better, though. How about being willingly shot by some less lethal rounds? Ahhhh, yes. Feel the suck. Embrace it. Love it. we continue our study on the possible motivations of these incredible feats of stupidity, we'll begin to assess what possible reason someone would have to attempt a stunt like this. Maybe it's just for laughs. Maybe it's for fame. We're not sure. At any rate, we'll continue to elaborate on what not to do if you would like to remain on this earth for a few more decades.

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