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Breaking: George H.W. Bush Dies

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January 1, 1970
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George H.W. Bush has passed away, after . He was years old.Bush leaves a legacy of service to his country. He enlisted in the Navy on his 18th birthday in 1942, the year after the Pearl Harbor attacks, and became the youngest commissioned pilot in the naval air service. He earned the Distinguished Flying Cross for his actions while flying over Chichi Jima on September 2, 1944. He was shot down by the Japanese over the island and warned his two crewmen to bail out. Only one did, and his parachute never opened. Bush bailed out after his crewman and was rescued by the submarine U.S.S. Finback. Bush flew 58 missions during his time in the Navy.After attending Yale, Bush found a booming career in the oil industry, beginning at Dresser Industries, a subsidiary of Ideco. He went on to co-found Zapata Petroleum and made it big when he hit an oil field in Coke County, Jameson Field.He and Barbara Bush had six children altogether: George, Robin, John (known as "Jeb"), Neil, Marvin, and Dorothy. Unfortunately, Robin passed away from leukemia at a young age.

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