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British Forces Call for Danger Close Support

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April 10, 2016
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British Call for Danger Close Air Support [VIDEO]

Many of us have been there before: a hot day in Afghanistan, a long patrol into the desert, and then the enemy decides they wanna engage. A firefight erupts, and a few close calls later, you're sick of their sh*t.


The situation is no different for this group of British soldiers, who must have had enough and decided to call in the big guns. And who do you think they called upon? The good ol' US of A, and it sounded a little something like BRRRRRRRT.

Close Air Support


British soldiers request danger close air support while engaging Taliban forces in Afghanistan. America responds to the call of our allies with the A-10. Pass after pass, the A-10 delivers multiple strikes on Taliban targets, effectively eliminating all threats in the area.

https://youtu.be/ZAkzrxN5Jn0Maybe next time the Taliban will think before they engage one of our allies, though they never really seem to learn.

Close Air Support

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