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Bunker Labs Tour: New Business Creation

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May 15, 2017
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CHICAGO - Bunker Labs’ Annual Muster Tour will land in Chicago on May 18th and will have a new feature for 2017. The “Launch Lab” will take place throughout the day and will result in a completely new business being formed by the end of the day.“We want to bring the community together and create a signature event,” said Bunker Labs CEO Todd Connor. “Muster is the military word for a gathering and we want to bring together the most powerful alumni network in the country—our military veterans.”When asked why Bunker Labs is committed to helping veteran entrepreneurs, Connor said, “After WWII 49% of veterans got out of the military and founded or operated a business within six years. They became ‘The Greatest Generation’. Today, 25% of veterans want to start their own business, but only 4% will actually do that. Success for us is when all 25% go and start a business of their own.”Thirty experts will gather at the Launch Lab and help a veteran entrepreneur not only launch his business but create it from the ground up in less than 12 hours. Experts in branding, UI/UX, tech stack development, marketing, customer insights, and more will help decide every aspect of the company from target market to logo and slogan. This will give other potential entrepreneurs the opportunity to see the steps necessary to build and launch a business.

While the Chicago Muster will feature the Launch Lab, the lab is far from the only feature of the day. In addition, participants will be able to browse:

  • The Mission Showcase, which features Bunker Labs companies.
  • Innovation Row, an area that is focused on future tech, which will house the Oculus Rift as well as next-gen spy technologies and other surveillance tech.
  • There will also be multiple areas where attendees can listen to speakers.
  • There will be 30-minute Tech Talks, on topics like “Space is Open for Business” and the “Future of the Virtual Workplace.”
  • Fireside chats which will feature hosted conversations with one or more panelists on a variety of topics like startup funding and corporate innovation.
  • Main Stage which will feature keynote presentations by Nick Toranto the CEO of Plated.com and Gary Fencik former Chicago Bear and current Partner and Head of Business Development with Adams Street Partners.

Participants will also have the opportunity to schedule time with venture capitalists in the “Ask the Expert” area. This will allow entrepreneurs to hone their pitch or ask for other advice. Finally, there is a canteen area that allows for casual conversations and refreshments throughout the day. This area is a collaboration between Bunker Labs and the USO. In addition to the Chicago Muster, the Muster Across America Tour features 14 cities in 2017. With events already having happened in Washington, DC and Seattle, the bulk of the tour is still ahead. With dates scheduled through the end of October, you don’t want to miss your opportunity to join the Muster when it comes to a city near you. Can’t make the Muster? Check out Bunker Labs and find out how you can get involved.ABOUT BUNKER LABSBunker Labs is a national not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization headquartered in Chicago and built by military veteran entrepreneurs to empower other military veterans to start and grow businesses. Through local chapters organized in cities across the U.S., Bunker Labs provides educational programming, mentors, events, and thriving local networks to help military veterans succeed and thrive as entrepreneurs and innovators.

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