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Canadian Brothers Rescue Bald Eagle

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November 30, 2015
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Canadian brothers rescue bald eagle

Two brothers from Canada freed a bald eagle from a trap, and this took the selfie of the year. From CNN:

Two brothers saved a trapped bald eagle, and at the same time, took a memorable selfie.

Michael and Neil Fletcher happened upon an eagle while driving through the woods of Dowling in Ontario, Canada.

"We noticed something so we backed up," Michael Fletcher said.

"[Neil] thought it was an eagle. We looked and couldn't see anything. We checked it out on our way out -- and saw the bald eagle in the trap.


Michael Fletcher had the video camera rolling as the two of them worked to rescue the bird.

"I had a branch to jam in the trap, and opened it just enough to get the talon out," he said.

This being 2015, the pair took a selfie with the eagle upon freeing it.

Posted by Michael Fletcher on Tuesday, November 24, 2015

See the full CNN article.

Great job by both of these guys, but selfie of the year? I'm not too sure about that. Maybe Canadian selfie of the year, or honorable mention for the majestic bird that they rescued and snapped the pic with. Either way these two are pretty awesome, and for that I am going to lay off the Canada jokes through the end of the year. #Canadarocksuntil2016

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