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Cancer Patient's Unusual Make-A-Wish Request

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December 1, 2016
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Declan is 12, he's battling cancer, and he had just one wish in life - to blow stuff up. Of course, that's what the Make a Wish Foundation let him do.The young man from Sydney was picked up by the ACT Police in the morning and taken to one of their training facilities. He was able to experience a few scenarios, including training for a hostage situation and breaching, where he was able to detonate some charges.The experience didn't stop there, however. Declan was able to meet both the Prime Minister and Governor General of Australia, see the behind-the-scenes experience of the AFP, and even get a boat ride with the water police on the lake.For many kids like Declan, the opportunity to do something other than thinking about treatment is an incredible relief. Parents and kids alike feel the weight of cancer; this was one family's opportunity to take their minds off of sickness and focus instead on how awesome it is when things go boom.Declan, we're big fans of you and your particular wish. We're rooting for you, and hope you continue to blow things up for years to come.



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