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Captain America's Shield Stops Bullets

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September 16, 2016
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Leave it to legendary shooter Jerry Miculek to find out.Miculek is known as one of the greatest shooters of all time. He is the winner of dozens, if not hundreds of local, state, regional and national competitions in a variety of shooting disciplines.He rose to prominence as an exhibition revolver shooter for Smith and Wesson, even going to far as to set multiple records, including shooting five shots from a revolver in .57 seconds and a six shots from a Barrett .50 caliber rifle in under a second.He is a seven-time USPSA 3-gun champion, four time USPSA multi-gun champion, twenty-one-time international revolver champion, and the only person to ever win the American Handgunner World shoot-off competition with a revolver-which he did three times.His YouTube channel is full of odd challenges, where he shoots for speed and accuracy, and even pushes antiquated rifles and handguns to their max.


He is the husband of Kay Miculek, also a world-champion shooter, and the father of Lena Miculek, who established herself as one of the best female shooters in the world in a variety of disciplines since a young age.For the Captain America video, Jerry created a life-sized replica of Captain America's iconic shield, which is seen in movies and comic books deflecting bullets and other projectiles. He then chose a 1940's-era 1911 handgun to shoot at the shield, replicating the period that Captain America was born in.Unfortunately the supply of vibranium had dried up, so Miculek couldn't create it entirely to spec. Not to worry: he used titanium instead.See the results for yourself here:

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