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Charles Beckwith: The Father of Delta Force

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January 1, 1970
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If there was any single man that could be considered a "Super Soldier" in the realms of American military history, Charles Beckwith would probably be the guy who would win the mantle. Not due to popularity, but the list of credentials this man has, ensure that he is in contention for the title. "Well, what kind of credentials does he have, American Grit?" You may be asking. Fair enough, we can answer that.Charles A. Beckwith was one hell of a physical specimen, to begin with. As an offensive lineman, he was pursued by the Green Bay Packers in the 1950-51 draft. But Charles wanted to crack skulls and bloody faces like he did in high school, but on a more professional and deadlier level. So into the Army, he went, ready to do Uncle Sams dirty deeds for dirt cheap! By the time he got to Korea, they didn't have much for him to do, but he did what he could. However, Charles used the lull in fighting after the Korean War to go to Ranger School and eventually on to Special Forces in 1958.From there Charles went to Laos, at the time a secretive mission to help train the Royal Lao Army. Not much skull smashing there, however after that, it ramps up quite quickly.In 1962 he went to

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