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Chronicles of Mattis: Episode 4

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January 1, 1970
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Fresh from his vacation to Africa, and with his appetite for blood quenched, for now, Chaos Actual settled into his chair. Even though the day had required an AK, it was still a good day. He smiled. Al-Shabaab didn't know what hit them. He still had it...of course, Sorebrek lay at his master's side, face still covered in the blood of the unruly militants they had just dispatched of.Mattis flipped through his daily intel report, reading and analyzing how America should react. Each scenario played out in his mind in mere seconds. He played this mental game of chess as he read through the reports until one caught his eye. A horde of violent people flooding across the Mexican border assaulting the law enforcement at their border. Were they trying to invade? Were they seeking asylum? The whole scenario seemed mildly abnormal. Like a souq that closed up midday as Americans rolled through. There was more to this than meets the eye.The phone rang and he rose to its call.

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