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Coming to Theaters Soon: Die Hard 6? Yes, Really

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September 28, 2017
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Everyone’s favorite Christmas movie is coming back with a vengeance! Die Hard 6 (or Die Hard Year One as it's being dubbed right now) is in development and seems that we’ll get a look at a young John McClane. Is he going to have hair? Will he have the same epic catch phrase? Will he meet up with a young Hans? It’s too early to tell, but it’s definitely time to get excited about it!This installment of the Die Hard series will be a hybrid of a prequel/sequel featuring a younger John McClane working as a beat cop. This premise is complicated due to the fact that if you try to space the time with both out evenly, the movie could feel either rushed or too drawn out. This, coupled with a mediocre fan reaction, gives director Len Wiseman very little wiggle room for error. Although he believes that “The right casting for this role is crucial. Those bare feet have some very big shoes to fill”. And Bruce Willis is eager to start the project as he thinks it’s a “neat concept.” Bruce has always been on board with doing Die Hard iterations saying “I’m really pleased to continue to be asked back to do other versions and other incarnations of Die Hard. The first one really is…that’s all there is. Everything else is just trying to be as good as that film.”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EU0zqPGqeYAHearing “John McClane,“ utter the word neat…doesn’t exactly inspire hope among the fanbase, as the last several films done by Bruce Willis have been a series of what can only be described as lazy cameos. Maybe Die Hard will reignite his passions. Maybe a reinvigorated Willis can deliver the energy and attitude that endeared us to the original Die Hard. With the right actor playing a younger John McClane, maybe they can live up to their hype. It’s a giant gamble, but with the recent resurgence of Star Wars and the eight film blockbuster Fast and Furious franchise, maybe Wiseman is onto something--hopefully something brilliant. To give audiences a sneak peek at the plotline, Wiseman teased the following “a balance of giving you a sense of what started McClane…because McClane has a lot of emotional baggage.” That’s a little depressing. It seems Wiseman is not getting the hint. What made Die Hard good was the lack of emotion, sans “John Wick-esque” willpower. We hope the Die Hard franchise won't flop at the box office, but it’ hard not to see a bad movie sequel when it’s coming right for us. It's almost as off as Top Gun getting a sequel after all these years. It might just be time to let Die Hard ride into the sunset gracefully instead of hitting the series with a time shift gimmick to pump more money out of John McClane.

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