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Cool Things We Have: LAV-25

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January 1, 1970
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Do you guys know whats cool? The LAV-25. Not cool in a "Hey this is a really great piece of equipment" kind of way though. Cool in the way that they gave Marines a mobile 25mm Bushmaster. It may not be a Stryker or the really dope ass version of the LAV like they have in Australia, but nonetheless, it's pretty cool. How do we know? Well, in the push to Baghdad, Marines from 3rd Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion (3rd LAR) pushed way ahead of the 1st Marine Division to take a bridge over the Tigris River...What happened next was nothing short of brilliance in the basics. The Fedayeen loyal to Saddam Hussein launched an ambush against the LAV-25s. What happened next? Well, the Marines manning that 25mm Bushmaster cannon royally ruined the Fedayeen fighters day. They killed dozens of enemy fighters by unleashing hell on them with the Bushmaster.The ability of these "fast" (relative term) vehicles to maneuver and attack is pretty damn rad.The bushmaster

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