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Dad Builds Ninja Warrior Course for Daughter (Video)

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October 6, 2016
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Forget a tree house; this little girl wants to make her dream of becoming a Ninja a reality. And, of course, dad is there to help.Our hero, Lyla, moves against the clock through the difficult obstacle course that her dad built for her in their backyard. Dad commentates as she completes each task, and a crowd cheers with each victory.Lyla doesn't want to stop here, though. There's a GoFundMe page that is currently raising funds for more obstacles, and more opportunities to prepare for the ultimate challenge; the Jr. Ninja Warrior competition.Props to you, dad for helping your little girl make her dreams a reality. Lyla, you're going to be an incredible ninja. We're rooting for you, and can't wait to see you complete your next obstacle! In the meantime, we're going to hit the gym to try and keep up with your awesomeness.


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