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Dave Chappelle Is the Hero You Need

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September 3, 2019
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Don't get it twisted, we know you internet people love to get outrage boners the second someone starts off saying something you may barely disagree with. First of all, we put "hero" in quotes for a reason. It's because you shouldn't need a hero, be your own hero. But...if you must have a hero in the ever-increasing politically correct world we will could do a lot worse.Why should we care about Dave Chappelle? Well, because he just told all the whiny "word and thought police" to fuck off. Which we can enjoy in its entirety.Every single "woke" news agency and reviewer decided to shit all over Dave Chappelle's newest standup comedy gig. People are literally losing their shit. Why? Because Dave tackled and made fun of almost every single taboo thing that you're not supposed to make fun of. Doesn't matter your side or your beliefs, Dave went after EVERYMUTHAFUCKINGTHING. Why is this important?Because it shows us the value of free speech. Dave said a bunch of shit that people don't agree with. Dave said a bunch of shit that people were like "OMFIN'G YOU CAN'T SAY THAT." Except Dave did. And people are trying to ruin him for it. The market will decide if Dave Chappelle will win out in his battle against the social justice "wokeness", or just tie, because truthfully, Dave isn't going to lose, he's got enough money that even if he never worked another day, he'd probably be alright.He's should be your "hero" though because he knew that his act would spark TONs of backlash. He knew it. We knew it. Everyone knew it, and he did it anyway. Now, this isn't to suggest that you go around work quoting ol' Dave. HR departments have these things called laws and fortunately for Dave, Dave is Dave's only employee (as far as we know). Dave isn't going to go to Dave and complain about the language Dave is using or the jokes he's telling. However, Karen, from the mailroom is definitely offended and you're going to hear about it.Dave Chappelle should be your "hero" because he challenged the status quo, even if you don't agree with him, Dave told a number of insufferable intellectual midgets to "Golf Foxtrot Yankee" and it was a beautiful sight to behold, even if you don't agree 100% with what he said.Watch this post bite us in the ass when he apologizes (we sure as shit hope he doesn't apologize for shit).

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