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DSS Play: Fck Fck Games

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September 6, 2016
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So during white phase of Split op training I was able to witness on of the most hilarious occurrences a DS could pull on another DS. The day before we had a big class on being responsible for your gear because we were going to the ranges for qualificationFast-forward to that night.DS S was on CQ for the night with DS B having been CQ the night before. Things were as usual in the bays when final Fire Guard shift came around. I was woken up with Pvt Mg and Pvt MK. We reported to CQ.

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When we got there DS S said he had a special task for us and that we needed to report in the middle of our bay with Mops. We scurried to do so and after waiting for ten minutes DS S comes in with A large trash bag. He sets the trash bag on the floor and rips it open, what we saw inside nearly made us sh*t ourselves. Low and behold we see DS B brown round FROZEN in a block of ice! We were told to police the water until it thawed.Thirty minutes later DS B walks through the bay doors. When he walked in and saw what was in the middle of the floor he quickly pay his head and realized what had been done. No sooner did the whole troops DS come in and start laughing. We didn't dare laugh but it was honestly the most hilarious thing, seeing DS B walk around all day with a frozen DS hat was priceless.

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