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Grunt Fest 6: Chicago (Part 2)

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October 23, 2017
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And just like that with a powerful toast to our active duty service members, our veterans, our fallen and our great country, Dan Alarik kicked off Grunt Fest 6 Chicago. Anyone who's anybody will be at the no holds barred party in Geneva, Illinois a suburb just west of Chicago! They got everything from Grunt Style Motorsports, to Alpha Outpost and 'Merica Bourbon and everything in between being represented at the shindig known nation-wide. The shorts are short (on the men) and the shirts are badass (on everyone)The beer was flowing and the staff from all the dedicated Grunt Style departments were ensuring everyone had a great time. First, on our list, we have Grunt Style Motorsports rocking adult tricycle races, which may not sound that exciting until you remember that it's a bunch of grown man-children drinking beer racing these contraptions (Damn I wish I was there).Alpha Outpost was holding it down with a whole bunch of shit that you probably would get arrested for if you tried to do it in your front yard. They had a few of their past boxes on display so you could see all the great gear that Alpha Outpost delivers straight to your mailbox for a reasonable and economical price.Club Grunt Style had more games than Milton Bradley in the Club Tent. All your favorite drinking games under one tent with tournaments going and beer flowing. From the video you can tell, if you ain't in the Club, you're definitely missing out!To challenge ego's everywhere Grunt Fit had attendees flip tires, then race through the largest inflatable obstacle course in the midwest. Upon completing that, folks received a free Grunt Fit T-shirt to celebrate Grunt Style's latest endeavor. Don't worry, since it's a party you still get a shirt even if you didn't win (You shouldn't though, participation trophy wannabe).Grunt Style golf was partying it up with golf darts and golf beer pong, nothing crazy, keeping it classy, but partying like they just won Augusta nonetheless.While your particular favorite may be any of the previously mentioned departments, we'd have to say there is a tie for the most kick-ass of booths. That honor goes to Grunt Style Outdoors and Grunt Style Professional. Grunt Style Outdoors was rocking a laser tag course, with a full-on tournament going down for all the "Delta-Ranger-SEAL-Sniper-Space Shuttle Door Gunners" out there looking to prove their operator status, (kinda peanut butter and jealous here, not being able to show them how it's done). The polar opposite was the Grunt Style Professional Speakeasy, where upon entering you got a cigar and some good 'Merica Bourbon to relax, like our favorite Grunt Style Employee, The Grunt Style 1st Sgt!This shin-dig was one for the record books and we look forward to seeing you and all your friends at the next Grunt Fest! If you love America and you love its warriors, and you love having a really great time with like-minded folks, there's no excuse why you're not at Grunt Fest. If you weren't able to make it, fix yourself and make sure you're at the next one! We're gonna go now and drink more and watch Canaan Smith.

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