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Heavy Left Foot: Cadence Calling

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May 3, 2017
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While the norm for cadence calling may not consist of soulful notes or a rhythm to a familiar song, I'm sure a handful of service members, especially Marines, have all competed to see who could do it better.The West Coast Drill Instructor Association made it official when they got together during September 2016 for a reunion on Marine Corps Depot San Diego. Although some of the Marines didn't call out the traditional rhythm of 120 beats per second, it's undeniably music to our ears. Contestants ranged from different generations, as far back as the Vietnam Era to Present day Marines. For any service member, no matter the branch or era, hearing cadence can give you a familiar nostalgic feel.Shafi McCants, a drill instructor during 1991 to 1993, took the title of The Best D*mn Cadence Calling Contest in the West home when he did his rendition of Motley Crue's Home Sweet Home.https://youtu.be/Omud5vMrb-I

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