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In Defense of the Sexy Halloween Costume

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October 1, 2018
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Too many people get way too upset at what other people wear. We at American Grit, however, think that for Halloween, you should be able to dress up however you want, even if it means you're in a sexy Halloween costume. Why? Because we're not liars. We're not going to sit here and tell you that we don't enjoy seeing a sexy nurse or a sexy nun or a sexy kitten or whatever else you can sex up.Should you wear it to your church's Halloween or Fall Festival celebration, probably not. But if you're an adult and you're going out, we see nothing wrong with your choice of outfit. In fact, one of our writers may offer up their extremely lame and douchey pickup lines only to get shot down by whatever costumed vixen he/she so chooses.We can sit here and pretend to take the high road and shame people on their choice of costume wear (cough HuffPost cough) or we can be truthful and say that if you can't separate fact and fiction on a day like Halloween, maybe you shouldn't be making other adult decisions either.If you want to dress conservatively go ahead. If you want to objectify yourself and dress up like a sexy whatever, go ahead. It's your life, and we're not here to tell you how to live it. With how everyone seems to be telling folks what they can and can't wear, the next thing you know, someone will try and tell you how you can and can't roleplay with your significant other in the privacy of your own home. Which is bullshit![caption id="attachment_18749" align="aligncenter" width="200"]

Maybe don't ride your broom in this witch outfit...[/caption]Plus, we don't hear anyone complaining if guys want to go as a sexy gym coach wearing grey sweatpants so...we can just leave that little nugget right there.It's Halloween and while certain people may take it seriously, remember it's a make-believe holiday and kids dress up as Wolverine. We doubt they are shooting adamantium claws out of their hands and going apeshit on some bad guys while chain smoking cigars and pounding whiskey. Why? Because he's 7 and understands it's make-believe and not serious.

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