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Unbelievable Sniper Shot: ISIS Soldier Hit

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March 9, 2016
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ISIS Hit By Unbelievable Sniper Shot

In our continuing series "How dumb is ISIS?" featuring one of them failing to react to incoming rocket fire, you will see another fine example of just how dumb ISIS really is.Nothing makes us happier than seeing terrorists get what's coming to them. Fortunately for us, the internet is full of those types of videos!. We bet when this guy saw this whole in the wall, he thought to himself "This is the perfect RPG one can hit me here!" Well, this ISIS militant wasn't so lucky. A trained marksman can put a round pretty much wherever they want. Let's see how many errors we can count in this video.


Missed it by that much...too bad, we could have used a story with a happy ending. Probably shouldn't be hanging out in the same location when there is a sniper in the area, how these people are still alive is beyond us. We imagine this jackass will think twice before trying something like this again. Then again, ISIS isn't really known for being smart, and so much the better for the rest of us. Hopefully, he won't be so lucky next time. We need a whole lot less of these assholes in the world.Let us know what you think about this in the comment section or on our social media!

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