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Jewish Private: Gas Chamber

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August 31, 2016
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BCT in the fall. We were getting ready to go into the gas chamber. The DS had us all sit in the bleachers prior to entering. We had one DS (DS A) that was always cutting up and cracking jokes. We had this one private, he was a good dude. Never got in trouble, was somewhat of a target for the cadre because he was a little goofy and just did goofy sh*t.As we were all sitting in the bleachers, DS A walks past. He stops and turns and asks us if there are any Jewish pvts in the bleachers. We all knew goofy was Jewish. I don't think DS A did. So Pvt goofy raises his hand. The only one in the bleachers. I knew it was coming.

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DS A stares at him for about ten seconds, knife handed and said "relax Pvt it's not that type of gas!".I couldn't help it and died laughing. I think I was one of maybe five that found it hilarious. Mostly everyone in the bleachers just yelled "ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh". DS A walked off like nothing even happened. I know he follows this page so I hope he sees this. He was an all around good DS. Taught us a lot and made the time there bearable.


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