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JFK Assassination Files: CIA Plots & Foreign Leaders (Part 3/3)

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November 1, 2017
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Fidel Castro wasn't the only CIA target in the 60s. This has only been made more apparent with the most recent release of the JFK assassination files. The following three international leaders were all “thought about” or flat out assassinated - more than likely by the CIA. Although the memo denies actually carrying out the acts, the timing of their intended targets’ assassinations seems too corollary to the time periods provided in David Belin’s Rockefeller Commision Report.

The Assassination of Generalissimo Trujillo

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rafael trujillo, cia in dominican republic,

Rafael Trujillo. Assassinated May 30, 1961.[/caption]Generalissimo Rafael Trujillo ruled the Dominican Republic from February of 1930 until his assassination in May of 1961. Trujillo was nicknamed “El Jefe” (aka “The Boss”) and was a thorn in the side of the United States, not to mention Venezuela (a country the U.S. was courting support from, in order to handle Castro). On June 24, 1960, Trujillo sponsored an unsuccessful assassination attempt on President Betancourt of Venezuela. (Pg. 70-71). Can you see where this is heading?Based on Bellin’s report, CIA operatives helped train and arm the Dominican rebels with revolvers, rifles, and explosives to assist in an assassination of Trujillo. Apparently, the state department and White House were aware of the weapons and plot to kill Trujillo at least two weeks before the assassination took place. They admit to doing nothing to stop it, but won't flat out own the actual assassination.Notice what two names you won’t see in the report? Our dear friends: Bissell and Edwards (from part 1 and 2 of this expose). Perhaps that’s why this one went off without a hitch?

The Assassination of Congo’s Prime Minister Lumumba

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patrice lumumba, congo president

Patrice Lumumba. Assassinated Jan 7, 1961.[/caption]Prime Minister Patrice Lumumba, the first democratically elected Prime Minister of Congo, who was assassinated on January 17th, 1961. According to Belin, he interviewed Richard Bissell (CIA Deputy Director of Plans) who took part in a meeting at the Pentagon in the summer of 1960. During the meeting “a question regarding the possibility of an assassination attempt against Lumumba was briefly raised…the agency did not undertake this sort of operation.” (Pg. 5) Yet Bissell did let it slip that “a case officer was directed to look into the possibilities [assassinating Lumumba].” (Pg. 6) Belin writes “Bissell asked the case officer to go to the Congo and their murder or arrange for the murder of Lumumba” but the case officer “refused to be party to such an act.” (Pg. 6)Hmmmm…makes you wonder what really happened considering the fact that Lumumba was assassinated less than 6 months later. Even though Bissell said the plan was never carried out.

The Assassination Plot of Indonesian President Sukarno

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sukarno indonesia, presidential coup,

President Sukarno. Died under house arrest March 12, 1967.[/caption]President Sukarno of Indonesia (from 1945 to 1967) fought for his countries’ independence from the Netherlands. Bissell told Belin that there was the talk of an attempt on President Sukarno’s life which “progressed as far as the identification of an asset who it was felt might be recruited for this purpose. The plan was never reached…to the point where it seemed feasible.” (Pg. 6) Bissell adamantly denied any agency involved in the death of Sukarno. Sukarno was eventually ousted from power by his own people in 1967 and died of kidney failure in 1970 in due part after being placed under house arrest for 3 years. So, the CIA didn’t kill him, but they definitely didn’t like him - perhaps enough to assist in the Coup? Belin’s report doesn’t corroborate that stance with any evidence, but it wouldn’t be a far leap to make the connection.Regardless, the unnamed case officer said that “no assassination plans would take place without authorization outside the Agency, and that no such authorization was undertaken for plans against either Lumumba or Sukarno.” (Pg. 7)

Final Thoughts

We now have definitive proof that the CIA at least plotted on killing International Leaders in the 60s.At the end of the report, Belin states that “President Ford has firmly announced that assassination is not and should never be a tool of the United States policy.” (Pg. 84) I wonder if Jimmy Carter kept that same policy in place?Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.If you haven’t had the chance to read the previous two parts, check them out here.Part IPart II

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