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John Cena Video: Patriotism Personified

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July 6, 2016
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In case you missed it, John Cena released a video Monday about what it truly means to love America, and it's way more than just flying the flag and shooting off some fireworks. With the title "We are America," John drops some facts about what it means to be an "average American," and how our perspective defines our patriotism.


Cena's brief yet bold breakdown of what "patriot" means is sobering, as he lays down a simple yet profound truth; the definition is not pride in one's country, but love for one's country; and a country is comprised of multiple people, from any and every background, that come together to create a legacy that is truly worth loving. In a final statement, he declares:

To love America is to love all Americans, because love has no labels.

Overall, we have seen mixed responses for this video. Some laud it as a perfect message of unity during a tumultuous election season, while others are questioning his celebration for and yet dismissal of labels for minority groups.Do you agree with this video? What is your definition of patriotism? Let us know in the comments!

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