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Making Brothers Whole Again

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January 1, 1970
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It's proven to be a difficult task, to make your combat brethren whole again. Whatever demons afflict our psyche are all unique, but all very similar. We still see suicide as a rampant problem in our ranks. Maybe it's not as high as the often touted twenty-two, but we'd venture to say that even one is one too many. While serving in the military doesn't MAKE you a better person, it says something about you on some level. On some level, at one time, you were selfless and willing to endure hardship. At one point there was someone beside you that you would fight for with all your soul...But we come home and we don't have the same closeness. Life gets in the way. Jobs, relationships, houses, this event, that get the picture, we lose the cohesiveness that we once all shared. That's why, when two organizations comprised of veterans, come together to make one of their own whole, it's a special event.Hero Sports and Rebuilding Warriors set the standard this week when on Tuesday, they presented a fully trained and licensed service dog to Dave Susi.Dave is a United States Air Force veteran who now runs Toyota Field and the Star Complex for Spurs Sports and Entertainment.

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