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MARSOC Operators at Work

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September 6, 2016
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MARSOC Raiders are some of the baddest guys in the Special Operations community.During the intense 7-month Individual Training Course, prospective Marine Corps Raiders undergo physical and mental challenges to come out on the other side as Critical Skills Operators, who can operate "across the spectrum of special operations in small teams under Spartan conditions."After passing selection and the ITC, Raiders continue training during the entirety of their career. The video below shows fully-fledged CSO's conducting training at an unnamed facility.


In this video, released on the official U.S. Marines Youtube channel, MARSOC Marines conduct a variety of actions designed around tactical driving, shooting, movement and individual skills."So our training that we're participating in here is designed to enhance the overall operator. Driving is always a plus. Having that advanced driving capability to recognize the road ahead of you, identify dangers and avoid is not only [increasing] survivability stateside, it's also increasing survivability [outside the continental United States] on deployment," said one unnamed Raider in the video.Parts of the video show MARSOC Marines driving on a slippery track, doing rollover drills, entering and exiting videos, firing short-barreled rifles from inside of vehicles, "breaking seal" and reacting to contact from the front, back and rear of a vehicle, along with interdiction, pistol and rifle marksmanship and other drills."Our adversaries overseas are learning our ways so we're having to shift and adjust our training ...every day is learning."Check out the video below:

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