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Monday Motivation: Be Kind and Spread Positivity

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March 5, 2018
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It is difficult sometimes to find reasons to be kind. You may see others succeeding where you are not. You may see others being 'happy and fulfilled' when you don't feel that way at all. All motivation to be kind to your fellow human being may get lost as you think "They are happy enough, when is it my turn?" The sad reality of this world is that it may never be your turn to have what they have to feel as they do, but it is always your turn to be kind to one another.We're not trying to get all hippy free love and what not with you this Monday morning. Rather we're trying to get you to remember how good you feel for performing simple acts of kindness for the folks you see in line at the coffee shop or at the grocery store. We don't ask or require that you make grandiose displays of kindness, but rather small simple acts that when you reflect on them, they make you proud of who you are.It makes you proud that when the only reward was the knowledge of your deeds, you still acted. You still picked up a piece of trash that wasn't yours. Held the door open for one more person than you normally would. It doesn't take much to change one person's day. Maybe your small act of kindness is the reason someone goes on living. Maybe karma in all it's weird timing and randomness will come back to you in kind when you need it the most.

Be Kind

It's weird how kindness is a currency in and of itself. The great thing about it, you can never run out if you just look around. The world is full of kind, good people, if you can't find any, be one. Go out this week and be kind!

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