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Private Points at Drill Sergeant the Worst Possible Way

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December 21, 2016
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I'll try to keep this one short and to the point. So we all have heard the stories of them putting "salt peter" in the eggs and whatnot to keep you from getting a boner in basic. When in reality, it is just being scared sh*tless for months that does it. And that all wears off after a bit you learn. Well we all also have had that one guy in basic that was hung like a mule and made you scared that it might just touch you during showers.You all have seen that guy without a doubt.Well one night, somewhere around midnight, Private Mule decided he was gonna sneak off to the latrine to handle the urinal of all places. So here comes the worse DS in the whole company making his checks. This guy was probably in his early 20's, E7, and had been deployed most his time in until he became a drill. This guy had severe anger issues and would eat you alive for even looking at him.


He ended up making a stop through the latrine, because we had a few guys get busted for smoking in there and I guess they though others would try their luck. So in walks DS Asshole...whisper quiet and ninja like. He rounds the corner of the latrine, only to find Private Mule going to town standing at the urinal.Instantly and without thinking, Private Mule snaps to parade rest and yells "at ease"...leaving his dink just a pointing at DS Asshole like a 3rd arm.Then you hear a deafening "WHAT THE F*CK PRIVATE" echo throughout the building, and DS Asshole rage walking steadfast back to the office and the door slam behind him. Just leaving Private Mule standing there at parade rest. I can't say they every looked at each other again for the rest of OSUT.It was priceless

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