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Punisher Battalion

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August 30, 2016
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Do you love death metal, badass soldiers and Vikings? Then this video is definitely for you.Norway's elite "Punisher" battalion is a mechanized infantry unit that fights while wearing patches with the emblem of the Marvel character.The unit's real name is the Telemark battalion, and its normal logo is a yellow Viking ship on a black-and-red shield. The Punisher logo was adopted after the death of 22-year old Claes Joachim Olsson, who was killed by a Taliban roadside bomb in 2010.


Punisher Battalion Has a History of Combat

Norwegian troops, including the Punisher battalion, have been deployed to Afghanistan as part of the NATO mission there since as early as 2003. The battalion sent troops from the Telemark battalion to battle ISIS in 2015.Around 50 men deployed to the Kurdish city of Irbil in northern Iraq, while others were sent to Baghdad.The video shows bearded Vikings doing some slaying in various unnamed locations, but which are most likely Afghanistan. Til Valhalla!https://youtu.be/oJ26rlMx7Sk

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