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Rapper Shot in the Face by Army Infantry Vet

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August 5, 2016
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Oh, and he also made a music video out of the footage.Kyle Bolton - who is better known by his stage name Kasper Knight - is back in the spotlight after an exclusive interview with Popular Military where he tells his side of the story.

It's pretty much gold.

When asked why he joined the Army Infantry: “I wanted to fight on the ground,” Bolton said. “I wanted to pick a job where I would actually fight if I were deployed and there was a $20,000 enlistment bonus. Both of those [factors] made me pick it.”Though he never deployed, after basic training he was assigned to the 1st battalion of the 293rd Infantry Regiment of the Indiana Army National Guard. Popular Military states that he referred to it as a “recon” section.He had a good record and the opportunity to become an E-5, but instead he chose to not reenlist.[caption id="attachment_7426" align="aligncenter" width="600"]

Kyle Bolton after exiting the gas chamber during Basic Training at Fort Benning, GA (Popular Military/Kyle Bolton)

Kyle Bolton after exiting the gas chamber during Basic Training at Fort Benning, GA (Popular Military/Kyle Bolton)[/caption]When Kyle was asked about shooting himself in the face, he was more than happy to dish the details. Bolton used a .22 pistol and a"live round," to do the deed. He also still stands by the statement that he swallowed the bullet.“I had an x-ray and everything. It was in my stomach,” he said. But he has chosen to withhold them for now, since he wants to use them as "leverage" (he may be appearing on television soon, via shows such as Dr. Phil).Would Kyle have done anything differently, now that the incident is behind him?“I wouldn’t have been so quick to release the video... I was in a rush- the cameraman was taking a while to release the music video. I would have just released them both at the same time.”Bolton now plans to transition his music from Rap to Rock and Roll, "in order to increase his market base and follow his passion for music."You can watch Kasper Tha Phantom's latest music video below. Keep in mind that the footage may be too graphic for some viewers. You can also read the full interview from Popular Military here.



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