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Release of 100 Afghan Prisoners

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April 8, 2020
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Sometimes we wonder if the movie "Groundhog Day" was foreshadowing 2020. On today's American Grit Live, we spoke about how the Taliban walked out of peace talks with the Afghan government. Well, less than an hour later, the headlines show 100 Taliban prisoners were released.Less than a month ago, we wrote a piece, here, talking about the release of 1,500 prisoners as long as they sign stating they'll behave themselves. Just afterwards, 'Rona happened. This stalled quite a bit in the world, to include these releases.With that being said, the Afghan government reached out to the Taliban and held meetings in Kabul over the last week. But the Taliban decided the lack of action on the Afghan government's part was "fruitless," and walked out of the meetings. They claimed the government was using any excuse necessary not to free it's members per the agreement.Now, if you have followed along this whiplash of a timeline, you will know that the Taliban has continued to cause harm within the country. Now they are complaining the Afghan government isn't keeping their side of the bargain. So, what does the Afghan government do?They give in. A member of the Afghan government stated, "The government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan released 100 Taliban prisoners today based on their health condition, age and length of remaining sentence, as part of our efforts for peace."While US government officials have released statements saying things have gotten a little better in Afghanistan, we are still skeptical. After all, there have been several reports showing that 'Rona has done her fair share of damage to that country.The Taliban's move is next. Will they continue to de-escalate the violence, and not because of a pandemic? Will they continue to work towards the peace deal they signed at the end of February?Will the Afghan government continue to give into the Taliban's walk out tantrums and release more prisoners? What do you think?

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