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Shield Our Schools Initiative

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January 1, 1970
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There are tons of tools available to protect our children. The Bolo Stick, the Teacher Lock...all of these are effective in preventing a school shooter from gaining access to would be victims. But what does the government do? They fight and squabble, they try to take rights away from those of us who'd never commit such an atrocity and they fail to enforce many of the laws on the books. The bureaucracy is the epitome of inaction and placating emotional solutions.Yet here we are, private citizens, with an opportunity, a plausible, unique and effective opportunity to make a difference. The Sheild Our Schools Initiative is looking to work themselves out of a job by ensuring that each and every school has the multiple layers of security they offer in the next 3-5 years.These simple and effective tools do one thing and one thing only, prevent the shooter access. Then SWAT teams or the S.R.O can swoop in and drop him like the asshole that he or she is.Pardon our bluntness...check that, don't pardon it, this needs to be said. There is nothing in the world that can prevent every single bad thing from happening. That is the reality of the world we live in but through the Shield Our Schools Initiative you can be a part or you can be apathetic, just like Gillette said you were. You can pass the buck and kick the can down the road just like the politicians have for ages when it comes to doing something plausible and can be a part of an initiative that is already saving lives and making a difference. You can be a part of saving a child's life. And you won't rob your fellow countrymen of their right to defend themselves of the same type of garbage ass people that think shooting up schools is a way to get your rocks off.In our book, this is a win-win solution. You don't violate the Constitution and you save lives, but we're sure you need that $5 dollar latte at your local hipster coffee shop more than a child needs their next breath.

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