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Since When Was Being a Victim Cool?

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January 1, 1970
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The world is full of problems, full of people who are taken advantage of and mistreated. Our strongest desire is to prevent that from happening. We don't like people being victimized. We don't think a world with more victims is a better place. We think of a world where we prevent people from being victims, we stop the injustice and pursue the overarching idea of " the good."With that being said...since when was being a victim cool? As we've traversed this Earth and seen war, famine, and pestilence, there is nothing great and glorious about being a victim. In truth it is heartbreaking to see people starve, to see innocents caught up in conflict, to see healthcare and hygiene basically non-existent. There are victims in this world, but it is not "cool" to be a victim.There are across this country legitimate victims of crime, poverty, etc...but to play the victim card to garner attention to isn't cool it's disgusting and it isn't worthy

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