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Soldiers Celebrate Christmas in Five Different Wars

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December 19, 2016
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Source: Political Insider[/caption]The military's job is to fight wars. American soldiers stay overseas until the fight is over. That means missing holidays, birthdays, formative years of their children's lives, and anniversaries.And yes, Christmas.Soldiers, sailors, Marines and airmen usually do a good job of celebrating Christmas, overseas, though. Sometimes, they're out on patrol, in the middle of nowhere, fighting the enemy like any other day. Other times, they're on a base, getting fed turkey and ham by a Colonel in a Santa outfit.In the Iraq War, troops were even treated to a full-on World Wrestling Entertainment Christmas extravaganza. In Afghanistan, many troops bought, slaughtered and ate goats. And in Vietnam, it was often just another day, another patrl.But wherever they are, these troops always take a brief moment to remember Christmas. Here are five videos of U.S. service members celebrating Christmas in five different wars.

1. Korean War

2. Vietnam

3. Somalia (1993)

4. Baghdad, Iraq 2003

5. Afghanistan, 2011

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