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Summer Body Moves

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January 1, 1970
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Summer is coming, quick fast and in a hurry. If your New Years Resolution has stalled and you're finding that you're not getting the results you want, try changing things up a bit. Our bodies adapt to the stressors we put on them and if you've been doing the same exact thing with little to no change since January 1st your body may have adapted, not giving you the results you want. Time to change things up a little bit!Complexes. Complexes have a way of ramping up your metabolism and inducing some workouts that will definitely have you feeling the results and seeing them soon as well. The best part about these complexes is you don't even need a lot of weight to really torch fat and get the body stronger. A complex is a set of exercises performed one after another without letting go of the weight. For example, you'd do deadlifts, then upright rows, etc.

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