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Thank You? No, Really, Thank You!

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January 1, 1970
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If there is one single solitary phrase that has been played out to the max and turned into a joke, it's "Thank you for your service." Civilians, look we get it, you want to say something you want to express gratitude but you have no idea how to say or do it except for that overused phrase. It's not your fault that it's been overly commercialized and forced down your throat by pundits and talking heads. It's a nice thought and gesture if you really mean it. Some really do, some have just been conditioned to say it for fear of the retribution that some immature asshole vet may visit upon them.The world can be shitty. It's tiring to qualify every eventuality to ensure people aren't offended, so we won't even try. If you really mean it, awesome thank you. If you're just doing it because it's expected, we don't really care and the real kicker is we'll rarely know the difference. Whatever, no big deal.Brothers and sisters in arms, as fellow vets, hey, thank you for YOUR service buddy! (Did we all laugh at that? We did? Cool!)But as a veteran owned company, many of us know firsthand the hardships you endure, and we did want to seriously say thank you. It is but a small token of our appreciation that after we left, someone was there to pick up where we left off.Someone else was able to carry the burden. We joke and we jest, but the truth is we're glad that there are still those who love their country and will put themselves in harm's way to ensure others remain safe.As you depart and new men and women take your place, as you did ours

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