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The Key to Being Successful in Anything

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September 6, 2019
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You all are already hating me for that clickbaity ass title, I know, but the truth of the matter is, this shit is stupid simple. Like, to the point of "How the fuck am I going to have enough words to reach 300-500 that the search engine optimization tool likes?"The secret to being successful at anything is...consistency. Yup. That simple. The nuances might be difficult and figuring out the right things to do on a consistent basis will involve trial and error, but the one brilliant shining theme that is as true for the astronaut as it is the Olympic swimmer is consistency. Day in, day out, talented or untalented, rich, poor...pick any damn adjective you want to, but it won't change the fact that consistency is your key to unlocking any type of success.What does success look like though and how do I know consistency is the key to unlocking that. Let's play a quick little mind game. Imagine if you will, something you want to be successful at. Whether making money, or honing your craft, or being a better spouse, or parent...whatever. Explain if you will, how consistency doesn't play a role...we'll wait...See that's the thing most self-help gurus forget to apply with all of their success stories. You don't have to buy my book (because I totes don't have one) or subscribe to my magazine where I give you bits and pieces, nope. You just have to be consistent.Want to be a better writer? Write and work at it consistently.Want to be stronger? Be in the gym consistently.Want to be more successful in business? Learn and adapt consistently.Want to be a better spouse or parent? Practice whatever that looks like to you, consistently.I mean I know I'm probably gonna get hateful for stating the obvious here, but in my comings and goings, the one thing everyone wants is a shortcut and the truth is, shortcuts only happen by sheer dumb luck. Consistency is what wins the game in the long haul. Don't believe me? Try being inconsistent at anything...if you succeed, you're consistently inconsistent...BOOM GOTCHA!Seriously though guys, it's hard, it's painstaking and you're going to get knocked on your ass more times than you can fathom, but...if you consistently get up and try, try, try, try'll find some success because...consistency.Weird how those trite little sayings as kids had so much wisdom, isn't it?A little caveat though...if you consistently fuck off and consistently phone it'll be successful at failing.

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