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Grunt Fest 7: Dos and Don'ts

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March 28, 2018
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Gruntfest 7 is right around the corner and there is a lot of things planned for this epic party. With the help of our friendly Grunt Style Events team, we've compiled a list of things you should definitely do at Grunt Fest 7 and a list of things not to do at Grunt Fest 7.

DO: Check out Smokey's Cigar Lounge presented by Grunt Style Professional. Good cigars and the smooth taste of Merica Bourbon are essential to any good time. We can't think of a better place to sit back, relax and enjoy yourself at Grunt Fest 7

DO NOT: We can't emphasize this enough, DO NOT try to light the bourbon on fire. That'd just be a bad day. We've done this in a controlled environment, Merica Bourbon is flammable. DON'T DO IT!

Not To Do At Grunt Fest 7

DO: Check out the Nitro Circus, presented by Grunt Style Motorsports. High flying gasoline action is always entertaining. Just watching gets our adrenaline pumping!

DO NOT: Try to do any of the stunts you see when nobody is looking, you'll most likely break a ton of bones, or die. Not a good idea! No matter what the Good Idea Fairy tells you, don't listen.

Not To Do At Grunt Fest 7

DO: Try your skill in the virtual reality shooting range "The Shootout" sponsored by Grunt Style Outdoors. Try to claim the title of Grunt Style 7's most accurate shooter!

DO NOT: Think that your time in this simulator counts as a deployment, everyone will kick your ass. POG.

Not To Do At Grunt Fest 7

DO: Visit Alpha Outpost at "The Outpost" to shoot crossbows and a mechanical bull. What could be more fun?

DO NOT: Shoot the crossbow while riding the mechanical bull. We feel we shouldn't have to say this, but there will be Marines present, soooo...

Not To Do At Grunt Fest 7

DO: Visit the Grunt Style Golf Long Drive. Whack that wee little ball as hard as you can and see if you can get the furthest distance.

DO NOT: Pretend that you're Happy Gilmore. Shooter McGavin isn't here to talk shit, so you should be fine.

DO: Visit the Stairway to Heaven put on by Grunt Fit. Maybe you'll reach the top, maybe you'll fall who knows?

DO NOT: Try to base jump from the top of the Stairway to Heaven.

Not To Do At Grunt Fest 7

Overall, guys we just want you to have a good time and stay safe. Enjoy the drinks, the music, the different booths, and the atmosphere as you mingle and party with Grunt Style. The last thing we'd want is for you to end up naked at the zoo trying to out-Harambe the gorillas.

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