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Muhammad Ali: Freedom for American Hostages

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March 23, 2017
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Muhammad Ali is typically best known for his ability in the fighting world and his fight with Parkinson's Disease. But he also utilized his worldwide fame to negotiate for the release of 15 American hostages.In 1990, Ali traveled to Iraq to meet with Saddam Hussein and negotiate to bring 15 Americans home with him that the regime had taken hostage. During the trip, he didn't refuse anyone that wanted to meet with him, and waited patiently for an audience with the dictator to be arranged. Hussein kept him waiting so long, Ali ran out of the medication that helped keep his Parkinson's at bay.When the audience was eventually confirmed, Ali diplomatically sat through extended periods of time where Hussein described the extensive "humane" treatment that his hostages had received while in Iraq.After long deliberation, Hussein agreed to release the prisoners. While Ali didn't want to take any credit for their release, many still say that if it weren't for his actions, they would have lost their lives.


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