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US Green Berets Train in Stunning 360-Degree VR Video

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January 18, 2017
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We're not sure exactly where this 360 VR video came from, but it appears to show United States Army Special Forces soldiers conducting multiple training evolutions, including free-fall parachuting, marksmanship and combat shooting exercises, and casualty evacuation exercises.Particularly stunning is the sequence where several soldiers jump out of a plane on a free-fall jump, bumping fists just before they do so. If you've never parachuted before, this is a really cool video.Green Berets are the Army's premier unconventional warfare specialists. Historically, these highly trained men have helped raise indigenous forces' fighting proficiency, conducted direct-action raids, and fulfilled several other key special warfare requirements. 18-series soldiers learn a language and attend schools for diving, parachuting, and more.Check out the video below:

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