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Police Bodycam Footage: Must Watch!

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June 27, 2017
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Body cameras, and the footage that they record while officers are on duty, is a topic of massive debate today. While most advocate that the videos are necessary to cut through the conflicting testimony of officers and civilians, others claim that, like other media, the footage from a bodycam can be twisted to suit the court of public opinion.What most people forget, however, is that a bodycam can record the positive interactions that officers have with the people they are sworn to protect and serve.In this particular instance, an officer had been called to assist an old woman who needed help with her microwave. As he finishes up his visit with her, he asked what else she needed help with."Do you sing?" she asked.After some cajoling, the officer sang to her. "You are my Sunshine" was the request she gave him. Although he claimed that he didn't sing much (or well), the officer did a terrific job, and made this lady's day. Whatever side you're on in the body camera debate, we hope you enjoy this sweet moment as much as we did.

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