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War Games Series: Exploring Military Simulations

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January 1, 1970
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I've been thinking lately about different ways to engage you all and promote some critical thought despite the bathroom humor and debaucherous nature of what we usually write here. I try, and don't always succeed, but that's cool because you live and learn and try new things. Sometimes you hit gold. Sometimes you shit the bed. It's life. So without further ado, we'd like to try out this new series.I'm going to pose a hypothetical scenario and not give any answers. Your answers will be validated or shouted down by your peers on Facebook. Whether you look pants on head stupid, or like the next defense genius is totally on you. The first scenario is as follows.You are the newly elected commander in chief of the United States. El Presidente! Day in and day out the United States is subjected to numerous cyber warfare attacks from hostile nation states such as Russia, China, North Korea, etc...As commander in chief, you're responsible for assessing the threat level of these cyber attacks and then formulating a response. Assume the current state of geopolitics and history between the United States and the world. You don't have a blank slate. You're operating the United States and the relationship we have with the world as is. No returns. No trade-ins for a different country.How do you respond to your nation, the nations committing the cyber attacks, and uninvolved nations wondering why you just possibly nuked the shit out of China for giving the DoD a bunch of pop-up ads?Feel free to think outside of the box reply here on AG or in the Facebook feed.

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